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Educational Goal

Educational Goal教育目標

Main Goals: To train professional dancers, choreographers, and dance teaching facilitators.

Specific Objects of Dance Capability:

To improve the students’ dance technique and creativity.

To heave the students' creativity and performing skill by having Class Showcases and Graduation Performances annually

To emphasize on both theory and practice of dance education by sharpening the students’ teaching skill, which is achieved by practicing at nearby Primary and Secondary Schools and in Han-Chia Kindergarten, affiliated with the University.

To design new curriculum and new teaching methods of creative dance for the students.

To help the students acquiring the skill of operating stage facilities by practicing at the Experimental Theater of the Department.


Distinguishing Features:

Courses are offered in small-sized classes and are taught according to the students' technical levels.

Major technique classes are accompanied with live music to increase the students’ learning enthusiasm.

Opportunities are provided for the students to combine their studies with related arts such as painting, fashion design, and music.

Emphasizing the specific educational goal of the University by offering courses such as Economics or Design for improving students’ multi-skills.

To enrich students’ learning experience by providing a wide collection of dance resources from both Taiwan and abroad.

To participate community cultural events to promote the dance art, to change dance profession image, and to improve the quality of life

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